Mysterious Time – Cartier’s Exclusive Advanced Watchmaking Field

From the perspective of buyers and customers, Cartier’s full entry into the advanced watchmaking industry is definitely what everyone expects. This is not only because Cartier is the first manufacturer to set foot in the field of advanced watchmaking with complex functions as its core, and its industry experience and reputation are enviable, but also the experience and capabilities accumulated by the brand are also ahead of most of its peers. There is one more important point-Cartier replica watches is one of the very few manufacturers with an exclusive signature advanced watchmaking style.

Mysterious time – the mysterious clock is a major contribution of Cartier to the replica watch industry, and it is also the exclusive domain of Cartier in the concept of advanced watchmaking. This wonderful idea combining machinery and illusion comes from the great magician Jean-Eugène Robert-Houdin in the 19th century, who completed the first mysterious clock in 1839. From 1912 to the 1930s, Maurice Coué, a talented watchmaker and Cartier’s exclusive contracted supplier, made a batch of mysterious clocks for Cartier, opening up this psychedelic complication exclusive to Cartier.

This year, replica cartier brought a new member to the mysterious family-the Masse Mystérieuse watch. Equipped with the new 9801 MC movement, it can avoid the influence of gravity on travel time. This movement was designed, developed, produced and assembled in the Cartier watchmaking workshop. It took nearly eight years to complete and has applied for a patent. Craftsmen need to make five different models before releasing a prototype; two prototypes need to be made to deploy the final movement.